Our Focus

We are going to unite the world, and change the music industry forever.


At our core we are a Music company. Everything is built out of that simple foundation. Whether it is our philanthropic efforts in education or our efforts to improve the lives of veterans it is in everything we do.


Music opens doors for children well beyond notes and scales. It has been proven to improve skills in other classes and we are always looking to expand music education in our school systems.

Veteran Support

Veterans give so much for all of us and we believe, as a veteran founded company, that we should do something to give back. We are continually working to empower our veterans through music.

Meet our Leadership

We have assembled an incredible group of individuals to drive South Fulton Systems into the future.
CEO and Founder of South FUlton Systems Will Sokolowski.

Will Sokolowski

Chief Executive Officer

This former Navy Chief Petty Officer brings 20+ years in executive leadership, software engineering, startups and music to the South Fulton Systems team.

Army Veteran NAte Door brings a lifetime of organizational experience to the team.

Nate Dorr

Chief Operating Officer

As an Army veteran Nate Dorr is driven by efficiency and effectiveness. And, with that mindset he ensures that South Fulton Systems stays on track.

Aletha Della Rocco brings passion about organization and people, find the perfect blend for the two.

Aletha Della Rocco

Chief People Officer

Aletha Della Rocco brings passion and drive towards attaining organizational effectiveness to South Fulton Systems. All while being an incredible place for people to work.

David Dorr - Chief Product Officer and industry leader

David Dorr

Chief Product Officer

David brings superb leadership skills , a depth of experience in product implementation, a Master's Degree in Organizational Performance, and 10-years of experience.


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