At South Fulton Systems we are about one thing,  music. We want to unleash its true potential. As a company we believe that anyone and everyone who wants to have a career in music should have that opportunity. We also want to help use the power of music to help those who need it the most.

A Career in Music Needs a Quality SaaS Solution

Our core solution is our SaaS product. We know one of the biggest hurdles for new musicians is managing the business side of their careers. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay a manager or hire an agent. And, an even smaller group of people are allowed to be a part of the big money recording label machine. That just didn’t sit well with us. So, we decided that since there wasn’t a solution out there that we would just create it ourselves.

Our product, development title ‘Band Manager,’ is a full suite of SaaS solutions. It helps music professionals manage their workflows, collaborate with others, distribute their music online, even connect with fans and sell merchandise. In addition to that, we build on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This ensures not only our offering but every band member’s configuration to be secure and scalable. With machine learning algorithms we provide advanced analytics and sentiment analysis. Furthermore, this allows you to understand user behavior, preferences and receive personalized recommendations and insights.

Philanthropic Efforts Through Music

From the conception of South Fulton Systems we have always wanted to give back while staying true to who we are. The beautiful  thing about music is it is so naturally powerful. Studies show music has a significant impacts on human development and quality of life. For example, one such study states “Music and music-based interventions (MBI) engage a wide range of brain circuits and hold promising therapeutic potentials for a variety of health conditions.” That is why part of our on-going effort is to ensure music plays a role in everything we do.

We are Empowering Our Veterans Through Music

Those who have served our country are near and dear to our hearts. Our company is over 50% veteran operated. And, we commit to supporting them in every way possible. Through our music education programs, training initiatives, and retreats, we’re empowering veterans to make meaningful contributions to the music industry and beyond.

Creating a Better Future for Our Kids

As a wise woman once said “I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” We wholeheartedly agree. Today, music in our schools is not a priority. This in spite of the fact that it has been proven music improves childhood development. We are working to make music a core part of our children’s education. Not because we believe they all should have a career in music but because it helps them learn and grow.