We are developing a SaaS platform, working title “Band Manager,” designed specifically for those in the music industry. We a rebuilding it from the ground up making it easy to learn and efficient to use. This make it so you don’t have to spend all your time managing making music and instead spend that time actually making music.

Build and manage a band profile page.

Band Profile

Chat with band members in an encrypted environment that you control.


Use our analytics to see how every aspect of your music career is performing.


Create your own crypto currency and NFTs to help you promote and make extra money.

Crypto and NFT

Manage events, schedules, meetings and more through our calendar integration system.


Perform routine tasks that keep your music career on track.

Tasks Manager

Manage email communications right from your dashboard.

Mail Systems

Sell merchandise, swag and more from your own e-commerce store.


Manage the finances for all your band's activities with ease.



Manage all your documents, files, images and more with our built in file manager.

File Manager

Send and manage your performance invoices right in our custom accounting tool.

Invoice System