You can’t build an incredible industry disruptive company without the right team. At South Fulton Systems we care very much who works for us. We don’t just want people who are great marketers, can code something amazing with their eyes close, or even are able to close a sale in the blink of an eye. We want people who truly care about our mission. Who firmly believe in music. Meet that team.

Will Sokolowski – Chief Executive Officer

CEO and Founder of South FUlton Systems Will Sokolowski.

Will has 20+ years in executive leadership, software engineering, startups and music. As a former Navy Chief Petty Officer he learned his skills as a frontline leader and change agent. He is always willing to go above and beyond to help his team be successful. He is a compassionate, dedicated leader who deeply cares about the success of those around him and he continues to live by the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

Nate Dorr – Chief Operating Officer

Army Veteran NAte Door brings a lifetime of organizational experience to the team.

Nate is all about efficiency and effectiveness. With skills and toughness formed while serving in the Army Nate leads with passion and commitment. His motto of “When we make the commitment to be good people, we give others the permission to do the same.” drives his effectiveness as a leader. With a love of music and of organization it is no wonder he is in charge of keeping this company moving in the right direction.

Bob Mathews – Chief Technology Officer

Bob Matthews brings a lifetime loving music and tech to his 20+ years of experience leading technology teams.

With 20+ years of technology leadership, a love of all things tech, and being a lifelong musician it only makes sense to have Bob lead our technology team. He has extensive experience leading cloud transformation projects as well as modernizing legacy solutions. He is passionate about servant leadership and uses that mentality to build high functioning agile teams capable of producing exceptional user experiences through elegant software. He holds an MBA as well as PMP certification and is well versed in many forms of agile.

Shelby Norment – Chief Product Officer

Shelby Norment brings an exceptional agile mind to bear on leading the SFS Product team.

Self-Organizing, Productive, Diligent and Slightly Anti-Social are the words Shelby uses to describe herself. She claims herself to be the unofficial spokesperson for introverted software developers. Fluent in both complex IT terminology and politically correct, corporate lingo she only does Agile. To her there is no other way! She leads with an extensive knowledge of UI, back end, Agile, Scrum, Lean implementations, and Product Management

Aletha Della Rocco – Chief People Officer

Aletha Della Rocco brings passion about organization and people, find the perfect blend for the two.

Aletha is passionate and driven towards attaining organizational effectiveness, while implementing strategic initiatives to build a legacy of excellence within our organization. With over twenty years of experience as an HR professional, her ethical and diligent work ethic, perseverance and dedication are assets to any organization. Her leadership, business management skills, and true concern for the welfare of the South Fulton Systems team are the reasons she is our Chief People Officer.

Shawn Hartley – Chief Financial Officer

Shawn Hartley brings a mind for finance that is unparalleled to South Fulton Systems.

Shawn isn’t only a master in finance he is also a working musician. The combination of 20+ years of experience in the financial market and an intimate understanding of the struggles of a working artist make him an incredible asset to our team. Shawn has dedicated his career to leading several financial turnarounds in a range of industries and is bringing that unmatched mentality to the music industry.

Jay Johnson – Chief Marketing Officer

Jay Johnson brings almost three decades of marketing and advertising experience to South Fulton Systems.

Jay brings 25+ years of marketing experience to the table. With a passion for creating deep, meaningful campaigns as well as establishing brands that continually positively resonate with target audiences he is an excellent choice to lead our marketing efforts. Combine his knowledge of SEO, content marketing, brand building, and consumer connection with a deep love of music and you have yourself quite the powerhouse.